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Bushkill Falls

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This is a post about my memorial day weekend. I spent 3 nights at Pocono Palace, near the border of NJ/PA. My wife and I drove down Saturday. First stop was Bushkill falls. I have a few things to say about this place. First, it is absolutely GORGEOUS. It is the most well maintained trail I’ve ever been to. Every stream crossing has a bridge, and every hill has a stair case. Second, it is entirely too crowded. You pull into a large parking area that has a lake for paddle boating and fishing, followed by a mini golf range and picnic area. There is a visitor’s center with bathrooms, a gift shop, play areas, a food spot, and a wildlife exhibit. 3rd downside, they charge you 12 freaking dollars per person to go on a walk. See? This is what capitalism does. It takes the nicest spot in the woods, and makes sure you have to pay money if you want to see it. Geez.

Anyway, when you walk in, you are over run by large amounts of the same types of people you see at six flags or splish splash. (For those who don’t know, that’s a long island water park) Trying to get my hike on, but having kids run in front of you is a little aggravating. Bushkill Falls has something like 11 named waterfalls, and a creek. There are 4 trails, the longest being the red trail, which is a total of 2 miles. We walk down the path and come out next to the creek. Image

Crossing bridges, dodging people, ascending stairs, and we come to our first waterfall.


The trail winds around in a big loop, passing several more water falls.


Here’s my wife, Dara and I at one of the waterfalls.


As you follow the trail, the falls get more and more dramatic.


…and follows more bridges…


Which eventually lead to the Grand Pubah. These falls were SICK!!!


See the rainbow in the bottom right hand corner?

So here’s my final synopsis. Hiking difficulty: Extremely low. Some stairs, mud and rocks. It was very interesting to watch my wife navigate this. She’s not much of a hiker, but I had just bought her a brand new pair of Merrel Moab boots, because she was supposed to do this AND mount Minsi with me. She was hoping from rock to rock, trying her hardest not to get mud on her hiking boots. That’s cute. She did absolutely great for like the first 3/4 of the trail. The last 25% she was done, and just wanted to get out of the trail. There was water spraying and dripping off the rocks, there were stairs everywhere, and worst of all-it was dirty. Oh well, she hung in their like a trooper, even if she didn’t want to stop and look at the nicest waterfall of all. Needless to say, I would be hiking Mt. Minsi alone, but I’ll save that for my next post. I would recommend this trail for someone looking to enjoy beautiful scenery with family in tow. I would not recommend it if you’re actually looking for a hike and not a combination of Disney world and a forest.

As for the Palace. This is supposed to be a couple’s resort. It’s pretty nice. It’s no Sandals, but its good. Our room had a huge ceiling, a champagne glass jacuzzi, a heart shaped swimming pool in our room, and a loft type bedroom with a circular bed surrounded by mirrors. At the main club house, there is a lake out back with water activities. Dara particularly enjoyed taking out the paddle boats onto the lake with some wine, and just sitting there enjoying the sereneness of the surroundings. We sat up at the bar one night drinking their specialty martini’s while playing some game where a guy with a microphone would call out a slogan, and you had to guess the company. Example: Theeeyyy’re, Grrrrrreat! (frosted flakes) All in all, a pretty good weekend.


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